A Pre-Approval Can Seal The Dream Deal For You

Getting Pre-Qualified is the first step of the process. This helps speed up the process of finding a home best suitable to your needs in the correct price range that also suits your affordability. The pre-qualification also gives you as the client a clear understanding of your credit score prior to proceeding with a full fromal application when buying a house.

Allow Us To Help You Get Pre-Qualified

To improve your chances of getting a formal bond approved, you need to understand why your application might be declined. There can be a need to take some steps to improve your financial standing or credit rating.This is why the pre-approval process can actuallly help you to get that formal bond on your dream home. Here are some more advantages of getting pre-approved:

  • A Pre-Qualification determine whether an individual is likely to qualify for a bond
  • A Seller prefers a buyer who has gone through a pre-approval¬† process
  • A Much quicker formal bond approval turnaround time can be achieved
  • A pre-qualification is an estimated amount provided by the bond consultant to the client that he/she would most likely qualify for. A Pre-Approval, usually referred to as an Approval in Principle, is a document provided by the bank after assessing your application in depth detailing the amount you qualify for, interest rates, term of the bond and other applicable terms and conditions.

  • A Pre-qualification is not a guarantee and is only an estimation on the amount that you as the client would qualify for after providing information to the bond consultant.

  • The next step would be to find a home in the price range of the pre-qualified amount and to formally apply for a home loan.